All about dust mite allergy

All about dust mite allergy

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Are you allergic to dust mites? The fight against these microscopic little animals starts with decontaminating your bed - which is home to literally millions of dust mites. Dust mite excrement (containing allergens) causes the complaints associated with dust mite allergy:

✓ Chronic nose colds
✓ Asthmatic disorders
✓ Irritated eyes
✓ Eczema

Herken je deze klachten? Dan is de kans groot dat je inderdaad huisstofmijtallergie hebt.
Ga altijd eerst naar de huisarts: die kan met een eenvoudige test vaststellen of je allergisch bent voor huisstofmijten.

Do you suffer from these complaints? 

Then the chances are high that you do have dust mite allergy. First visit your family doctor, who can conduct a simple test to determine whether you are allergic to dust mites.

How does dust mite allergy develop?

Dust mites are the main cause of allergies in The Netherlands. 5 to 10 percent of the population suffer complaints. Among people with asthma this is even as high as 50 to 75 percent. The symptoms are caused by the (allergen-containing) excrement of the dust mite. The mites themselves are harmless. Their excrement contains allergens. These particles are so small that they float in the air like dust particles and are inhaled by us.
The more you are exposed to allergens, the more sensitive you can become to dust mites. Periods of suffering from nasal and eye complaints or asthmatic attacks become more frequent and can be more severe.
If you have dust mite allergy, you can do a lot to drastically reduce contact with allergens yourself.

Home decontamination: start in the bedroom

Your bed (mattress, duvet and pillows) contains millions of (dead and living) dust mites. The dark, moist and warm living conditions are ideal for this microscopic, spider-like little creature. Your bed emits a huge number of allergens, and you spend hours in bed. So you gain a major advantage if you drastically reduce allergen emissions here.

Anti-allergy covers for your mattress, duvet and pillow

High quality anti-allergy covers are a one-step solution that prevents 98% of allergy emissions. This has been scientifically proven in many studies, worldwide. For this reason, doctors, nurses and the Dutch lung fund always advise their patients to invest in good quality bedding covers.

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